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Sunday, 20 August 2017

Saturday car

As I'd previously posted, my Volvo was up for sale. Well, it sold yesterday so I could arrange to collect the car I'd bought about a month ago. I didn't want to tax and insure two cars, so this one had been 'stored' on someone's driveway.

I'm not really that 'into' cars, but I like things that are stylish and well built, so bought a 2005 Mercedes Benz E220 estate.

I wasn't really looking for another car but it came up at the right price at the right time. It's a 2.2 litre diesel, and is the first car I've owned with automatic transmission. This has taken a bit of getting used to (you always feel you should be doing more!), but I bought an automatic scooter last year and that's worked out OK.

It's really nice to drive, very smooth and stable, and the dashboard has lots of buttons to press - some of which I have no idea what they do!

I particularly like the cream leather interior!

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Distinguished Gentleman's Ride 2017

As some of you will know, the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride is a world wide motorcycle charity event held each year on 24th September. The idea is for riders to dress up in their finery, follow a route through various cities, and end up at a meeting place. Riders are sponsored and funds raised go towards combatting prostate cancer and men's mental health.

This year I'll be taking part in the Glasgow run on my Bonneville. Last year they had 56,000 participants in 505 cities in 90 countries, and raised US$ 3.6 million. This year they are hoping for even more.

The Glasgow route will be from the Fort Shopping Centre, a 45 minute stop at George Square to show off the bikes, then on to Triumph Glasgow in Hillington where and event has been planned. So if you're in the area, come along to cheer us on! (End of September in Glasgow - bound to be cold and wet!)

It's not just for Gentlemen - Gentleladies are welcome too!

DGR website with details of all the rides and how to register: here

DGR Facebook page: here

And if you can't make it along to your local event, please donate on my page: here

Last year's Glasgow run: