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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Amazing journey

Came across this website about Yarets Vladimir Alekseevich, a rider from Belarus who's travelled around the world for the last 11 years, initially on a Jawa 350, then on a BMW 650. Yarets
That would be daring enough, but Yarets is also deaf mute, so has difficulty communicating with people he meets.
Even more strangely, I've seen him! Many years ago, (around the start of his trip in 2000) I saw a  heavily stickered and well used bike parked (illegally) on the pedestrian area next to Glasgow Royal Concert Hall  
I knew it would be foreign registered (no British rider would have parked there), so I went over for a look. I was really surprised to see that it was a Jawa 350, and I didn't recognise the numberplate nor the 'country sticker' - BY - probably derived from  Беларусь, how they spell the name of their country. Nearby was the rider, Yarets, so I gave him a polite smile and approving nod and walked on.
So before you complain about going on long trips because it's 'too far', or won't go abroad because 'it's foreign', think of Yarets who spent 11 years travelling, visited 127 countries, and covered 380,000 km, and is deaf and can't speak. 

Yarets' Jawa in Cuba.

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