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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Friday bike

..... is a Saturday bike again! Working away again, so this is the first chance I've had to post.

This week's bike doesn't actually exist yet, but could be in the shops soon. Horex is an old German bike brand that was very successful and popular until the 50s, when it petered out. The name was used on scooters and mopeds until the 60s before disappearing. It reappeared a couple of times on unsuccessful projects, (the hideous 125 chopper built by MZ-B springs to mind), but nothing really came of any of them.
The name has reappear again on this very interesting, and technically innovative bike:

The engine is a 1200cc 6 cylinder unit arranged in what they call a 'VR' configuration. A very narrow angle (15 degrees) V with a common cylinder head carrying three camshafts.

Rather than explain it, it's probably better to watch this video:

A clever design, and one I hope makes it to production. After all, the more choice of different bikes, the better it is for us. Can't imagine it'll be cheap, though. A big exotic bike built in Germany by a small manufacturer, it's going to be expensive. The BMW K1600 starts at around £16,000 in the UK, so that's the kind of area of pricing we're talking about. Found a short piece of video of one of the bikes at a show:

Very nice looking, although I'm not sure about the brown saddle and red electrics covers! Good luck to Horex for trying something different, and who knows - we might even see one on the road one day!

Horex Website.


  1. Nice looking concept, hope they pull it off. It looks like they could also do v-2, and v-4 configurations along the same lines with frames to suit. I notice a turbo charger, and two horse power levels given in specs. Is one for a turbo version and one for an injected only version? Yeah, I'd like to see a v-4 800-850 cc adventure bike model.

  2. At a site I found on the web it says the motor is 200 bhp and supercharged...also says that the base price will be around 20,000 Euros, and each bike will be built to owners spec which could add more on the price. Sure looks like a turbo in that video.