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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Etape du Tour - Day 2

After all of the excitement of the previous day, this was a bit more lazy. David went out for a short run on his bike to check that everything was OK with its setup and to give him a bit of exercise. After that we drove into Chamonix and spent the day just wandering about looking at the sights.

We saw some people rafting down the very fast flowing river - looked like fun!

That evening after dinner we wandered up to the local café/bar to use their wi-fi to check our mail and have a couple of drinks. The Office is British owned and this seems to be where most of the English speakers congregate.
Although it had been sunny during the day, by now the rain had come and it varied between drizzle and downpour, and there was some spectacular lightning up on the mountains.


  1. Looks like brilliant fun. Enjoy!

  2. Weather looks a bit grim. I'm sure that it was nicer when we were there last.