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Friday, 3 May 2013

50th anniversary

A previous Friday Bike had featured bikes fitted with the engine from a Hillman Imp car. Yesterday I was driving past the former Imp factory at Linwood, about 3 miles (5km) from my house, and saw a lot of people and cars parked outside what had been the factory's drawing offices, (the only part of the factory that still exists). I pulled over for a look and it turned out to be a gathering by the Imp Club to commemorated the 50th anniversary of the start of Imp production. Lots of well preserved Imps and variants.

This is what the local Police used back in the 70s.

Imps were quite popular in motorsport.

'Nymph' Imp based kit car.

The engine was an all-alloy OHC unit, advanced for 1963.

There were a couple of television crews interviewing people.

The Imp Club has a number of events planned to commemorate the anniversary.

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