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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Friday bike

Sometimes I come across something and think 'I've got to feature that'. This week it's the Yamaha YM1.

The YM1 was produced from 1964 - 66, and was a 305cc two stroke twin which was basically identical to the more common 250cc YDS3.
A fine looking bike, and I particularly like the two tone saddle.

What brought the bike to my attention was a couple of pictures posted on the wonderful Facebook Japanese Vintage Bike Club of a YM1 that had been towed behind another bike.

Pretty impressive, eh? But not as impressive as the distance the bike was towed. The owner, Greg Davis (not the comedian), towed this from Vancouver, Canada to mid-Ohio, USA, for a friend who wanted to restore it. This is a journey of at least 2,500 miles/ 4,000 km!

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