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Friday, 31 January 2014

Friday bike

This is the Hero RNT 150, a protype scooter from Indian firm Hero MotoCorp, the biggest manufacturer of bikes in the world. Hero previously built bikes in an agreement with Honda, but in recent years have been building their own designs.
The RNT has a 150cc direct injection turbo diesel engine producing 13.5 hp, and has a number of interesting features. It can be used as a generator producing 1500W of power (6.5A at 230V), so you could power a house from a scooter parked outside. The LED headlight is removable and can be used as a torch/flashlight due to its rechargable battery, and an optional electric hub motor can be fitted to the front wheel to increase the power.
The 'beak' above the front wheel is a luggage carrying platform, and it also has pannier mounts as standard (which probably double as a sari guard - compulsory in India).
Whether the scooter or any of its features ever reach production will have to be seen, but a properly designed diesel scooter or bike, rather than the bodged up bikes with industrial diesel engines in bike frames that we've seen so far, would have a place in the market. Imagine this reduced to 125cc to suit European laws, and the very good fuel consumption of the diesel engine would make sense as a commuter. 

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