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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Skorpion brakepads

Copied and updated from my old website:

Brake Pads
Front: FA95                 Rear: FA47

Front: 566HF               Rear: 519HF

Front: VD-943/VD-945JL             Rear: VD-911JL

Front: FDB498 Rear: FDB207

Front: DP614               Rear: DP601

Front: 2247 XBK5 or A3            Rear: 2249 RX3

Front: 019                    Rear: 038

Front: COD.FD.0093            Rear: COD.FD.0160

Front: MCB540SV                       Rear: none


Front: DB21501      Rear: none 

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