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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Friday bike

This week's is another of the 'I'm not quite sure what it is' bikes like the Honley I featured some time ago.
I found this on Ebay listed as a Benelli BN600i. Benelli were a famous Italian manufacturer who are probably most well known for their Honda inspired fours of the 70s, which led to their six cylinder 'Sei' model, which predated Honda's CBX1000. They've sold a number of bikes and scooters in recent years, but have 'dropped off the radar' a bit recently.
I did a bit of searching and Benelli are now owned by Chinese firm Qianjiang, which could explain the origin of this bike. Qianjiang showed a near identical bike a couple of years ago badged as 'Qianjiang QJ600', which later appeared badged as 'Generic GRS600'.
So what is it? Is it a Qianjiang rebadged as a Benelli? Is it built in Italy or China? What's it like?

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