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Thursday, 18 September 2014

....and you can tour on small scooters

Found this on the Web. Sorry, don't know who the author is, if anyone does please let me know.
I don't own a car but my wife and I ride Suzuki AN 125 Scooters . We live in Durban and we have been to the Cape and back. Last December we went to Mozambique and back. We love camping and fishing we carry a double dome tent, double bed blow up mattress, 2 sleeping bags , our feather pillows, 2 chairs, Poetjie , braai , charcoal , food .clothing , a boat (Marina 3 inflatable ) battery engine, battery , fishing rods, tackle and more on our scooters . Everything you carry on your bukkie and trailer we have . People cant believe it . We are really having fun and saving loads of money 
Poetjie = cooking pot, and braai = barbeque grill. Not sure what 'bukkie' means, but you get the idea. Carrying an inflatable boat? That is superb!

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