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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Friday bike

Some more exotica that you're unlikely to ever see, and certainly not afford!
Midual Type 1

1036cc canted, boxer twin putting out a fairly lowly 107 bhp should give a nice broad spread of power. Fairly sensible riding position and high spec suspension and brakes should make it fun to ride. Not sure about the styling though! The instruments set into the top of the leather (?) covered tank look good, if a bit impractical, and the line of the exhausts is just 'wrong'.

Price: €140,000 starting price (around £112,000) (US$174,000)
Engine: Water-cooled, eight-valve, 180° flat-twin four-stroke 1036cc
Power: 107bhp (79.8kW) @ 7800rpm
Torque: 72.3lb-ft (98Nm) @ 6000rpm
Wet Weight: 239kg
Seat height: 810mm
Tank size: 14 litres


More details on the Website.

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