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Friday, 26 December 2014

Let there be light....

Remember the days when you could switch your car lights on from a switch on the dashboard? On later cars it was moved to a stalk next to the steering column. All the lights needed was a switch, some wire, and if you were lucky, a fuse.
Well, this is what my car 'needs' to make the lights come on! It's hidden near the footpedals, and mine decided to stop working. I don't mind working on bikes, but can't be bothered working on the car, so into the garage it went. Wasn't that expensive, but it seems to be an overly complex way of doing what is a simple function.


  1. Must be a German car of some type. They seem to overengineer things.

  2. Swedish (Volvo), although mine was actually built in Netherlands, the electrical box was made in Spain, and is probably full of Japanese designed, Chinese made components!