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Sunday, 12 April 2015


That'll get your attention! Found a free online magazine dedicated to Adventure Touring. Looks like it's got a lot of articles about the type of touring 90% of us will never do, but enjoy reading about. Some of the articles are basically adverts, but they've got to pay for it somehow. Well worth a look, and they also have a forum to discuss various touring topics.


Home page



  1. Thanks if I didn't have enough to read already...just kidding...looks really interesting will have to get back to it and give a good look.
    A quick question for I imagining that you posted something recently about the 'Flying Dragon' paint sets that Honda offered for the 350 and 450 CL's? Maybe I saw it at your FB any rate I posted up some pics of a 350 with a Flying Dragon Paint scheme that was at a show in San Jose recently, and is one that was featured in an online magazine article , and I did find a link to if anyone shows up here looking for 'Flying Dragons''s my fault, since I told them to come looking here.

  2. I think the first I heard about the 'Flying Dragons' was your post.I'm thinking I might be posting about them soon!