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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Friday bike

Velocette Vogue 1963 - 68

The Vogue was a sort of 'touring' version of Velocette's existing 'LE' model, and shared its 200cc, water cooled, sidevalve, boxer engine, complete with shaft drive. The bodywork was made of Glass Fibre, and the screen and panniers were options.

Unfortunately, it was more expensive than the similar and more powerful Ariel Leader, and only 400 examples were built during its 5 year production run.

It was very neatly finished with footboards and a car like dash, but the engine only produced 8 bhp which gave a top speed of around 60 mph/ 100 km/h.

Very rare now, I've never seen one other than in a museum, but it's an interesting example of a 'different' type of bike.


  1. Touring with 8 bhp? Well, at least you'd have time to look at the scenery.

    1. That's why I put touring in inverted commas. I think 'urban commuter' would be a better description.