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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Yamaha SZR660 update

As some of you will know, I've got a Yamaha SZR660 that I bought a few years ago. When I bought it, it had been sitting in a leaky shed for a few years, had been dropped on one side (probably just fallen off its stand), and was generally scruffy and neglected.
I started doing some work on it, but it was very 'off and on'. I didn't have regular work at the time, so suffered from 'when I had money I didn't have time, and when I had time I didn't have money'.
However, with both my Skorpions away, I've had some time to do some more work on it. I'd had to strip and clean out both brake calipers and replace the front brake reservoir. I fitted new brake pads and this week replaced the brake fluid. This went reasonably well and it now has two working brakes.
I've been running the engine now and then to keep oil circulating, but have only this week replaced the airbox (with new air filter). It's a bit of a pain to wiggle into place and get both hoses onto the carbs - no wonder most SZRs I've come across have pod filters.

It's now running well without any hiccups or visible smoke.

I've also dug out the bodywork that I repaired and resprayed a couple of years ago. It's in very good condition, but I was never really that happy with the paint finish. I spent hours today smoothing it down with 2500 grade 'wet and dry', and I'll give it another coat or two fairly soon.

Once the bodywork is resprayed it can be refitted and have some small bits and pieces sorted out. I'm planning on having the bike finished and ready for sale before the end of the summer (ha, ha - we've heard that before!).

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