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Friday, 23 September 2011

Friday bike

An old 80s Kawasaki Z1300 you think. But look more closely - it's a V12 2600cc built from two Z1300 engines! Gulp!
Don't know anything about this bike other than I found the picture somewhere on the Web and copied it into my computer. As an engineering project it's beautifully done, so well done that it looks like it came out of the Kawasaki factory like that.
Can't imagine what it's like to ride, but just imagine the sound on hard acceleration!


  1. Allen Millyard - a man who likes a challenge!


  2. Thanks for the links ng. Shows what you can do with a few tools and a huge amount of skill and vision. A true genius, and a 'proper' engineer!
    To think that I think I'm skilled because I've made my own luggage rack!!

  3. A few months ago I was having trouble finding stuff on the web about Millyard's bikes. Now a ton of stuff comes up. There's an "Allen Millyard Appreciation Society" site on Facebook even. I've been trying to locate stuff he did earlier, like a Honda 90 based v-twin he did.Pretty amazing projects he has accomplished.