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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Some assembly required 2

Another engineless Skorpion assembly kit on Ebay. This one appears to have a race saddle and what might be a Hagon shock. (Well, it's got a red spring.)
Does this mean people with Yamaha XTZ 660s are buying Skorpions for their engines?


  1. More likely someone tried racing a Skorpion and the engine went 'Bang!'

    This is what was scraped up off the track after the ambulance left.

  2. Could be, but when my partially stripped Traveller got nicked they took the engine and what was attached, leaving the rest.

    Made me wonder if the engine was wanted for a project - or is there some mysterious trade in Yammy engines?


  3. Thieves, had a Honda 90 stolen. Got it back minus the top-end to the motor, the battery, and the tires. Just their way of "shopping".