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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Friday bike

I think I'll be changing this to 'Weekly bike' as I'm always too busy on a Friday to post something! On Friday I was working in Newcastle until 17:00, then had a job in Edinburgh (popped into mr combo's to pick up some ladders), worked there until about midnight, then got in about 01:30 on Saturday. However, my current job will be finishing in two weeks time and as I could have plenty of time before I get something else,  there could be a lots more posting on work getting done on my bikes!

Today's bike is billed as the 'World's Lightest Motorcycle - 125lb 125cc 125mpg - (57 kg ready to ride)'. Built by FX Bikes of New Zealand, the 'Mountain Moto' looks like a downhill mountain bike with an engine.

The website has a number of videos with this one best illustarting the niche the bike could fill - halfway between a mountain bike and a motocrosser:

I can see what the attractions of this bike are: an introduction to off road motorbikes for mountain bikers; a light, easy to handle off-roader; and the miltary in both New Zealand and the US have tested it for suitability. You could imagine an Army patrol with one of these on the back of a vehicle which could be sent ahead for reconnaissance.

Can you buy one? Well..... not quite! You can order one and they will let you know 'over the next 12 months or so' when your bike will be delivered. Also, the ex-factory price of US$3995 (£2546/3250 Euros) is a bit high for what this bike is. (Remember this price is 'ex-factory', so there are taxes, transportation from NZ, and any dealership costs and profit margins to be added.) Pity, because I think the concept is good, and it might be worth FX collaborating with one of the big manufacturers to bring this bike to the market. Either than or move production to China (like most mountain bikes), and drop the price substantially. Let's hope this isn't the last we see of it. Website Facebook Blog


  1. Maybe it's not that expensive. Look how much one without an engine costs!

    1. The address wouldn't get me there using the copy and paste bit, but did see the chaineactioncycles site. Are you meaning the cost of a regular mountain bike?, just realized I probably misunderstood.

  2. Interesting idea, getting back to smaller,lighter dirtbikes. A bit pricey though. It's interesting how many variations of the old Honda 90 engine have come out. I'm supposing the 125 motor is produced in China. I'm always amused by people thinking they need a big dirtbike with a huge motor. I've always had more fun on the smaller bikes.