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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Hein Gericke

Sad news this week that Hein Gericke (UK) have gone bust. One of the big players in the motorcycling clothing and accessory business, they must have become victims of the recession and the move to Internet shopping. I'd used their shop in Glasgow a few times and always found them friendly and helpful, and I once bought a jacket for my wife in the Aberdeen store. I was working in Aberdeen and popped into the shop to buy something and spotted the jacket reduced in their sale. The girl in the shop put the jacket on while I photographed her with my phone and e-mailed the picture to my wife so she could see what it looked like. Now, that's what I call service! Shame to think that these people will probably all lose their jobs.
Their 'Closing Down Sale' is about to start, so there might be bargains to be had. See their website.

Just to lighten the mood, here's a video of a song with a suitable title. Notice I didn't take the obvious route and post the Queen song of the same name, but something more obscure, and one that I remember from the period. Notice that it isn't that Clint Eastwood, and that the black people in the audience are really getting into it and singing along, whilst the white people look bamboozled! Such was the variety of acts on 'The Old Grey Whistle Test'!

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