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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Another tick on the list, but another thing back on it

I got another thing ticked off the list of plans for this year - I went to Club Noir's 'Valentine's in Paris' night.

I'd been feeling a bit unwell all week, coughing and sneezing with a bad cold, and on Friday night had gone to my local pub with some friends. I was feeling so bad that I had to leave after an hour, and when I got up on Saturday I felt terrible. I got through the day by taking 'Extra Strength' cold remedies, and slept for a few hours in the late afternoon/early evening. I still didn't feel very good by the evening, but got ready and headed out to Club Noir.
It was a really good night with a really entertaining show.

Only usable picture of the show - my tiny camera's not really up it!

A lot of the people there really make an effort dressing up for the night, and a took a couple of photos in the bar (the more 'extremely' dressed people hang around in the area where you can't take pictures.)

 Yes, that's a man dressed as 'Alice' accompanies by 'White Rabbit'. The girl on the left is wearing white PVC underwear and is with a man in a kilt and no shirt. These are the more conservatively dressed audience members!

Mostly 'sensible' people here, but you can see a man dressed as Napoleon!

It was a really good night out, but as the cold remedy was wearing off, I started to feel very cold and shivery, so decided to head home. It was a shame that I was so unwell as I was enjoying myself.
There should be more pictures soon on Club Noir's gallery.  (They usually post them a few days after an event).

Now for the bad news. I mentioned a while ago that I'd got a new job testing electrical equipment for a local authority. I was employed by an agency who had said that the job was for three months, with the possibility of extending it to six. A couple of weeks into the job I was told that it wouldn't be extended, then on Friday I was told that it was finishing this coming Friday. This means that unless the agency has any more work for me, or I get something else, I'll be unemployed again by the end of the week. I'm going to phone the agency tomorrow to see if they have any more work, and I had an interview for a different job last week so perhaps something will come of that.
Look on the positive side, being unemployed means I can get more work done on the bikes!

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