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Friday, 1 February 2013

Friday bike

Thanks to Pat Brennan for spotting this one and writing about it in the current issue of Jawa Motorcyclist.

Dinli DL282

Dinli are a major Taiwanese ATV manufacturer and displayed the DL282 at a show recently. The engine is a 750cc single with the cylinder inclined forwards like a Panther. What is especially unusual is that the transmission is a scooter-like CVT automatic setup with belt final drive. The DL282 also has an unusually low saddle high, making it attractive to shorter riders.

You can see more details in this video.

Note man with big camera at 0:47 who is clearly photographing the model's breasts!

Technical stuff:

I've no idea as to price, availability, or whether or not you'll be able to buy one in any of the countries my readers come from. However, it is interesting to see someone trying something different, and I would think a big lazy engine and automatic transmission would work well with a 'cruiser' chassis to give an easy to ride and undemanding bike.
Dinli also make a version of this bike called the DL281 with higher handlebars and a split silencer.

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