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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Friday bike

Another bike I considered back in 1979 before buying my SR 500.
Yamaha RD400

Very popular bike at the time, a couple of my friends had them, the RD400 was sporty, fast, and handled well. Almost every one I saw was blue, but other colours were available.
The later ones were white, with the last batch sold in the UK having red wheels.
I dropped this from my 'possibles' list as I was planning on going touring and I thought that the RD was a bit 'frantic' and had too heavy fuel consumption for long distance work.
There was another version of the bike, the 'Daytona Special'. Sold in the US but not the UK, this had different styling, an engine with a 'ram air' head, and (I think) some sort of exhaust valving to reduce pollution. I'm not sure of dates, but I think we got the watercooled RD350LC instead.

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  1. There's a Daytona Special on Ebay just now......£12,900!