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Friday, 25 April 2014

Friday bike

I think there be some mixed views on this one!

Honda NM4
Originally shown as a 'concept bike', the NM4 will be released as a production model in the US in June. Based off the NC750/Integra, it features a low saddle height, scooter type riding position, and , ahem, 'distinctive styling'.

It will be available either with or without the rather strangely shaped panniers, (pannier version to be called the NM4 - 2), and it's 'unique feature' is that the instrument backlight colour will be changable at the press of a button.
More details on the Honda US website, and I read on the Web that Honda UK are thinking about importing 25 for sale here. Do they think that there's as big a market as that for this bike?
My view is that they've taken one of the most interesting designs they've had for years and made a bit of a pig's ear out of it. The NC750 and Integra are very well developed bikes, so why do they feel the need to make something as hideous as this out of them?

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