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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Friday bike update

On Friday I featured the Rieju Tango 250. I hadn't actually seen one, but thought it was an interesting looking bike. When I searched the Web for information I found a mention that the engine was made by Chinese firm Loncin. However, I have since found mention that the engines are built by Yamaha. I found this bike on Ebay.
In the listing it mentions it having a 'Yamaha sourced engine', and being 'not Chinese'. It also mentions that it is very similar to the Japan only Yamaha Tricker.
You can see the similarity! So, I'm not sure what engine the Tango has, it could be a Yamaha or a Loncin 'clone', or a Yamaha engine built in the Loncin factory (a number of manufacturers have their engines built in China, Loncin build the BMW F650 and possibly others).

More details of the Yamaha Tricker.

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