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Friday, 20 February 2015

Friday bike

Just for a change - one you can actually buy!
Rieju Tango 250

Interesting looking bike from Spanish firm Rieju. Using a Chinese built Loncin 4 stroke single cylinder engine producing 16 bhp, the Tango is probably more suited to city commuting or mild off road use. Despite my local dealer including a single pannier on the right hand side, I think the 6.3 litre fuel tank would limit its touring ability!
You get the option of wire spoked 'off road' wheels or cast 'supermoto' ones.

Price in UK: £3,299 = US$5,079 = 4,457 Euros.

Lots of downloads on UK importer's website.



The Tango might have a Yamaha engine - see update.

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