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Sunday, 15 March 2015

A Weekend in the Garage

Had a busy weekend in the garage doing work on my silver Traveller. I haven't ridden it since September last year, but have been doing numerous jobs on it (tidying up and fitting higher handlebars mostly), and as the weather has started to improve a bit, I thought it was time to get it back on the road.

Some years ago I'd fitted an LED light in place of the reflector on the rear mudguard. I'd wired the 'rear light' function to the existing rear light, and wired the 'brake light' function to a switch so I could use it as a rear fog light. It's wired so that it will only come on when the lights are on and has a small LED on it.

Last weekend I'd run the bike and a pool of coolant had appeared under it! Turned out that the radiator to expansion tank hose had split. I'd replaced the original about 12 years ago, but the replacement had started to crack. While I had the fairing off I painted up a few bits that got a bit scruffy and gave the bike a service.

So that's the bike ready for its MOT (annual safety test) and the summer (when it arrives).

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