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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Scottish Classic Motorcycle Show

See when you plan on going to a show and even post a copy of the flyer on Facebook,
Always remember to read the flyer to see that the show is on Saturday and not Sunday, as it had been in previous years!

Yes, I got up this morning, put my bike gear on, and was just about to get the bike out to go, when I thought I would check what time the show started. That's when I realised it had been yesterday!
Oh well, missed it this year. Found a gallery of the bike I would have seen had I read the flyer: Photos

Decided to go for a run on the bike anyway, but my heart wasn't really in it, so headed home after an hour or so. Just did some work in the garage on the bikes instead - I'd bought a gasket set for the CL350, so gave the engine outer cases an fresh coat of paint (I'd painted them a couple of years ago, but they'd got scratched lying about unfitted). I also reassembled the rear end of the SZR with lots of nice shiny new bolts.

(Note lightweight racing chain!)

So back end in and it was time to take the front wheel out for painting. I also took the LHS fork leg out as it has a leaking seal. I've drained the oil and as this will be the first time I'll have worked on USD forks, I actually read the manual! Seems I need a special tool to fit down the fork to unscrew the cartridge. As this is an Italian built Yamaha it has Paioli forks, and I've yet to find if this tool is a) expensive, and b) even still available. Oh, the joys of rebuilding rare bikes!


  1. Doh! That sounds like something I'd do.

    Around here they seem to advertise for events after the fact. I heard on Sunday they had a great vintage fly/ride in at a local airstrip. Wouldn't that have been good to know before the event, not the day after.

  2. Haven't been for a couple of years, but from the pictures from last year and this it looks suspiciously like most of the same bikes on display. probably better served wandering around the bikepark outside for free.