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Monday, 22 June 2015

Stolen Yamaha SZR 660 Race Bike

Found this on a Facebook group I'm a member of. SZR 660s are very rare, and race ones even rarer, so please keep a lookout for any bikes or spares that appear for sale. I think the owner is in Austria, but with parts being sold on the Internet, they could end up anywhere.
Owner's Facebook Page. 
(If you're not on Facebook and have some info, let me know and I'll pass it on.)

Hi everyone!
My yamaha szr was stolen last week, together with all my racing stuff. I don't expect to ever see it back again, and certainly not as one piece.
But just to warn everybody so they won't buy a stolen bike or a part of it (and maybe warn the police?), I'm sharing some details of the bike and ofcourse a few pictures (they were taken 2 weeks ago).
- TZR 250 fuel tank, white paint, transparant stompgrip. Like you can see on the pictures, it was partially wrapped with a carbon look wrap. You can't close the tank, because I lost a part of the black cap. I used to close it with tape.
- Honda RS 250 seat with custom red subframe. The subframe was adjusted to fit on the frame. This part of the subframe was not red.
- Custom made titanium exhaust. It has no brand on it, because it was especcialy made for this bike.
- Brand new lap timer PZ RACING. Adjusted to fit on the front subframe, because the velcro didn't keep the laptimer on its place.
- Golden braking caliper at the front wheel.
- The brake lever (IRC) was black, and a little bit scraped (yes, I used it kiki emoticon )
- No key (we removed the lock), start button on the left clip on.
- Aftermarket grey cnc clip ons, the black plastic end of the left side is a little bit damaged (so is the handgrip, which was a standard szr's on this side)
- You can't put a sidestand on the frame, because the frame is broken at this point.
- Also the after market rear suspension is damaged, I wouldn't buy it wink emoticon Main colours: red and white
- The tires on the bike are Dunlops Sportmax GP 110/70 ZR 17, D209FGP and 150/60 ZR 17, D209GP
- The stolen extra rims were black. Raintires rear: bridgestone 170, front: dunlop 125
And ofcouse lots more. Most parts were adjusted to the bike.
Blue biketek tirewarmers, for tiresizes 160 and 110(?)
A red facom box containing screwdrivers, hex keys, small torque wrench, and more.
A yellow box containing: electric cables, silver paddock stand for the front of the bike, oil, digital tire pressure meter, pump, a large torque wrench, and more
Also my leathers (old probiker, size 48 and new probiker PRX14, size 48
), helmet (uvex, M), boots (old Sidi's, 39), back protector (vanucci, ladies type S, old model), gloves,... are stolen.
The gray VW caddy in the background of one of the pictures is stolen, containing the bike and all the other stuff.

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