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Monday, 28 March 2016

Glasgow C.H.E.E.R (part 2)

Well, that didn't quite go as planned!

As I'd mentioned in a previous post, yesterday was the Glasgow C.H.E.E.R Easter Egg bike run to raise funds for the children's hospital. I'd been the previous year and planned on going to this year's. I was very busy on Saturday getting my Traveller MOTed, working in the garage etc, and by evening was starting to feel a bit tired and run down, so I set my alarm and went to bed.
I awoke about 4 in the morning feeling really unwell and was violently sick. I had a terrible headache and my joints were very sore. I took some painkillers that just made me sick again, and my head was so sore that I couldn't lie down so had to try and sleep sitting up. I slept through my alarm and got up a couple of hours later than planned. This added to this being the night the clocks go back meant that I would be cutting it fine to get to the start of the run in time.
I decided I would just go straight to the hospital as see the bikes when they arrive. The weather was pretty poor - windy, cold and wet, but after taking some flu medicine I set off. As I neared the hospital I saw a lot of bikes heading in the opposite direction, and when I got to the carpark where the bikes were gathering, there was a solid stream of them leaving. I was feeling really cold and shivery by this time and as most folk were leaving, I didn't bother going in and just rode home.
Looks like despite the poor weather they had a good turnout, but most people left just after the ride.
Some photos from the Web:

The ride got good coverage on both STV and the BBC, and made the front page of some of today's newspapers.

More on the event's Facebook page.

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