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Friday, 3 June 2016

Friday bike

Honda PCX 125

You're probably wondering why I've picked a fairly ordinary scooter as my Friday bike. The PCX 125 is probably a very competent if fairly ordinary scooter, who's only real claim to fame is that it's the first powered two wheeler with 'Idle Stop'.

This means that the scooter will stop its engine when you're stopped in traffic for a predetermined time, restarting when you turn the throttle - just like many modern cars. This should lower fuel consumption and emissions.
However, that's not the reason I've chosen it - it's because it seems popular as a tourer! Just look at these videos:

And these aren't the only ones on YouTube to feature tours on the PCX.

Goes to show that you tour on anything - even small, scooter singles! It's just a case of tailoring your route to your bike.

PCX 125 on Honda UK Website.

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