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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Every Picture Tells a Story #9 - the next bit

This is an extra bit leading on from a post on my brother's blog. I can't add a picture in the replies to his post, so I've posted it here.
Firstly, read his post here.

This is what happened next:

When we got to the campsite I laid my bike on its side and took the clutch cover off  It was clear what the problem was - the primary gear was missing about a third of its teeth! They must have broken off when I dropped the clutch and there was no way the bike was going any further under its own steam. I used to have a photo of myself standing over the dismantled bike - if I find it I'll post it later.

Lacking recovery insurance (a big mistake!) I had to leave the bike at the campsite and Stuart gave me a lift home. To make room for me he had to leave his 'luggage sack' behind. The following weekend I headed down in a hire van to collect my bike and Stuart's luggage. I was nearly at the campsite when the clutch in the van failed! This meant that it had to be recovered on an even bigger low loader, and I returned for the bike the following day in a replacement van. The bike was repaired with a spare gear from my 'huge pile of spares' and continued to be used for many more years.

The bike rally was organised by the Cossack Owners Club (for Soviet built bikes that were marketed under the Cossack name), and they gave me this wonderful 'Special Award'.

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  1. Jolly decent of them! They captured you so well in the image too! Saw you doing that very dance at the Grand Ole Opry last weekend!!