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Friday, 21 October 2016

Friday bike

Not really my sort of thing.......

                                                                                                         ...but so well done!

2017 Triumph T120 Bobber

Triumph have just announced the Bobber which uses the 1200cc 'High Torque' engine from their T120. Very neatly done with an adjustable single saddle, a fake 'hard tail' style rear end, and lots of stylish details.

Love how the fuel injectors look like Amal Monobloc carbs with 'pancake' air filters! There's also a 'battery box' on the other side complete with steel retaining strap.
Triumph have announced hundreds of official accessories and no doubt all the aftermarket suppliers will be producing them as well.

Not sure about the bars on the one on the right!

What amazes me is that despite its stripped down look, it still has ABS, traction control, 'ride by wire' throttle, etc - where do they fit all the bits?
Delivery should start in the UK in March 2017 and I found a dealer listing them with a guide price of £10,500 = 11,800 Euros = US$12,800.

Here's a video with a couple of Triumph promos and an impression of the bike:

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  1. Gorgeous looking bike! Love the style of this particular model, thanks for the share!