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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Cool car

Sometimes when you're looking on the Web, the most unexpected things pop up. I was looking at the website of a company that makes number plates, and in their 'Plate of the Month' page there was this lovely wedding photo:

Imagine going to your wedding in an early Trabant! Not sure what this model is called, but no doubt mr.combo will be along in a minute to tell us (It's a bit older than the one he had).
Also, isn't the colour very similar to 'Periwinkle' and 'Creme de la Creme'? - That's what's called 'good taste'!


  1. It's a Trabant P50 Limousine (also called the Trabant 500). As for the colour-scheme, it looks like it was a standard choice for 1962.

  2. Their site has quite a group of pics. I particularly like the Triumph car with the one-off alloy body. What a job on that body.

  3. Looking at the alloy bodied Triumph, I just can't get my head round not only the skill of the builder, but also the 'vision' they have to think of a project like this. To think that someone started with a flat sheet of metal and could turn it into something like this, is completely beyond me. You've really got to respect someone who can do this.