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Sunday, 20 November 2011

National Motorcycle Museum

I've posted some photos I took during a visit to the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham in 2000 on Flikr. Here

This was before they had the fire, so it's possible that some of the bikes here have been lost.
Sorry for the poor quality, but I'd used a compact film camera with a tiny flash.


  1. Does anyone know if the black Norton in the second pic of the set is a custom?, or a prototype?, or a model that didn't make it overseas? The tank logo is very different, as are the cast wheels with dual disc set-up, and the shorter front fender. Just wondering.

  2. I remember it from magazines at the time, I think it was a prototype for the 'next' version of the Commando, but time and money had run out by then. I could be wrong as it was a long time ago. Gino's probably the man to ask.