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Friday, 18 November 2011

Friday bike

Bet you've never heard of this one! The company which is now Italjet used a number of other people's engines in their earlier bikes. One of these was the 1969 Sport Junior 125, which used an MZ engine:

This is the only bike I've heard of that used an MZ engine, (other than MZs of course).
Italjet built a number of bikes using British engines, including the 500 Velocette and 750 Royal Enfield powered Indians.
They also built a couple of models using Triumph engines:

Nowadays they built quads and scooters, but a few years ago they showed a prototype Amarcord 125, which unfortunately didn't reach production.


Found a picture of an Italjet Triumph. What a great looking bike! From an article (in French) with pictures of Italjets  (and Italjet built Indians) with British engines.


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