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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Aren't Motorcyclists Wonderful People - Part 2

Found this piece of video on YouTube of a couple of motorcyclists doing their 'good deed for the day'.

Leaving aside the obvious comedy stereotypes like she's blonde and she's driving a Lexus, it's worth noticing that other people drive past without stopping, and how big the drop behind the car is. If she'd rolled a bit further back, it would have needed a crane driver to rescue her rather than some riders.
Also, the rider filming it is on a 'Zero S' electric bike. I'd never heard of this before, but a quick Google brought up their website.

Certainly an interesting looking bike, but I'm still not convinced by electric bikes. I know they're getting better, but the limited range and VERY high purchase price doesn't make them a really viable purchase (yet).
Still, it's good to know that there are nice people out there and many of them ride bikes.


  1. I had seen the earlier Zero bikes, but not this one. They seem to be getting better all the time and the price on the Zero seems to have come way down from what it was a year ago. With the battery covered up, on this model, it looks pretty much like other modern bikes. I ought to go out to the Bay area and take a test ride on one...

  2. It reminds me of the time our car got wedged in a tiny Spanish street at 6am but half the neighbours came down and lifted the car out. It wasn´t as quiet as this and there were kisses and hugs all round but we were as glad as this girl is! We had a flight to catch and thanks to them we made it.