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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Police vehicles

First of what might become an occasional series.
Firstly, some chaps from Portugal's Guarda Nacional Republicana. Note lack of protective clothing, and you don't want to think what the rider's gun would do to his hip if he fell off. However, the strangest thing is that they are wearing spurs! He'll have to be careful that he doesn't burst his fire extinguisher!

Next is from the Volkspolizei (VoPo) of the old DDR. A Police bike based on a Simson Schwalbe moped. Probably OK for pottering around town, but a bit limited when it comes to a pursuing criminals in their high speed Trabant getaway cars!

Now a couple of cars from the US. Apparently, some Police forces are very strict on what you can eat at picnics!

Most countries have some form of secret Police who don't draw attention to themselves and mingle with the public seeking out people who are misbehaving. Somehow I think this force haven't got the 'secret' part worked out!

 Yes, that says 'US Secret Service Uniformed Division'!

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  1. You ought to see if you can find some Mexican Motorcycle cops from the 70's. I drove through much of the country back in the early 70's and saw a lot of Harley riding police officers with very colorful riding gear, a lot of it purple. Every officer seem to have his own customized bike...wish I had taken some pictures...course back then I was trying to avoid police officers as much as possible.