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Monday, 9 April 2012

Skorpion handlebars

A common complaint some Skorpion owners have is that they would like the handlebars to be slightly higher. On the later bikes with tubular handlebars it's just a case of swapping the 'bars, but the earlier bikes with clipons cause a few more problems.
Some riders have drilled the top yoke to take tubular 'bar mounts, some have reversed the clip on 'mounts' and fitted higher 'bars with the centre cut out.

mr combo fitted tubular bars using Raask Handlebar Raisers.

However, the best modification I've seen was that done for Pat Brennan in Ireland.

The 'bars have been cut, welded and rechromed so well that you'd think that they were original. A very neat setup I'm sure you'll agree. I'll post more details once I've checked some of the details with Pat.

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  1. I fitted the Rassk Risers as part of a more general upgrade to my bike. Details can be found here: