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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Cool cars

Had intended posting about a cool car I came across, but just as I'm about to write it, another one comes along so I'll feature them both.

First car was one that I remember from my childhood. When I was about 8 or 10 (late 60s) I remember a Renault Dauphine parked near my school. Not a common car in Britain, it stuck in my child's mind as it was a lot smoother and sleeker than other cars, and I thought that was why it was called a 'Dolphin'.
I particularly remember the grills on the back to cool the rear mounted engine.

I'd completely forgotted about this car until my memory was jogged by one for sale on Ebay. I like how it mentions 'Its still got the "town horn" and "country horn" which are in working order. '

Next car was sent to me by mr combo.

How about a fairground dodgem body fitted onto a Reliant Robin chassis!
 Street legal, and on Ebay at the moment (Don't all bid against each other!)

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