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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Friday bike update

I featured the Yamaha SZR 660 a couple of weeks ago as my Friday bike. At long last I now own one!
Look how small it is! I'm 5' 8" / 172cm, and can easily get my feet flat on the ground. The bike's mostly all there and looks mechanically sound, it just needs a lot of cosmetic work. The seller had said that there was a carb problem and it would run, but not tick over. I connected a remote fuel tank, wired it to a good battery, and with the aid of a little 'cold start' (di-ethyl ether), I got it running for a short while. I'll give the carb a good clean out, but when it was running there were no unusual noises and no smoke from the exhaust, so the engine seems OK.
It's been sitting unused for a while - I found an unfitted 2007 tax disc with the documents!
I've still got work to do on my other bikes, (especially the CL 350), so this will be put on hold until I've more time. I don't think it'll need too much work to turn it into a nice usable bike, but don't quote me on that!
And yes, the handlebars are a bit low - I don't really think you could 'tour on this single'!

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