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Friday, 7 June 2013

Friday bike

Barcelona is famous for many things - stunning architecture, a successful football team, and.......

The Ossa Urbe 250! I'm not going to write 'interestingly styled' or 'distinctive', I'll just be honest and say 'pot ugly'! Based on an existing 250cc 2 stroke single design, the Urbe (Google translates this as 'city') seems like an attempt to build a Ariel Leader type town bike with fairing, legshield, fully enclosed bodywork, and what appears to be a storage compartment behind the rear wheel!

It won't surprise you to learn that soon after, Barcelona based Ossa was no more - shame as they had also built the sporty looking Forumla 3 with the same engine.

That's much better!

I'm not even sure if the Urbe was even sold to the public as some article refer to it as a 'prototype'. If I go to Spain later this year on the Honda, I'll keep my eyes peeled for one.

Technical stuff.

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