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Thursday, 13 June 2013



Copied from  mr. combo's  blog. The Skorpion is fairly distinctive being modified to 'Trail' spec. Please keep your eyes open for the bikes or any parts. If you hear of anything, contact mr. combo or Musselburgh Police:  (0131) 665 9696



I woke up this morning to find that someone had cut through the locks on my shed, jimmied the door open, and stolen both my working bikes, as well as some tools and a spare helmet and waterproofs which were lying around.
The police officer who came round to take the details didn't hold out much hope of getting them back as apparently there's a spate of this going on at the moment and nothing has been recovered to date. 
So, goodbye then to my MZ Skorpion Trail (1994) and Triumph Sprint ST 955i (2002). It was nice knowing you!
What is particularly galling is that I came home tonight after work to find some parcels waiting for me inside of which were a new sidestand for the Skorpion and a service kit for the Triumph which I'd ordered last week.


  1. Update: the fire brigade were called to the smoking ruins of the Skorpion this morning. It had been torched, so that's that, I'm afraid. Still no word on the Triumph.

  2. Further Update: Both bikes now recovered. As mentioned, the Skorpion had been set on fire and the Triumph had been crashed at speed.
    Been to see them Saturday morning at the recovery depot and I should be able to get the Skorpion back on the road as they have to be the world's worst arsonists, but the Triumph is probably beyond economic repair.

  3. I hope they were injured just enough to prevent them ever riding again when they crashed, but they probably walked away without a scratch.