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Thursday, 13 June 2013

The good old days

Ever had that situation where you're looking at something on YouTube and the list of other videos at the side contains something that catches your eye because you don't quite believe it? This happened to me recently when a video clip from the early 80s television programme Pop Quiz appeared. Pop Quiz, as the name suggests, was a pop themed quiz show hosted by the unsufferingly smug Mike Read, where two teams of pop people answered questions. Most of the people apprearing on the show were pop stars of the time, but occasionally people like David Gilmour, Robert Plant,  and even John Martyn were on. Did the audience, which seemed to consist of screaming 14 years old girls, even know who they were? Strange to think that 'serious' musicians ever appeared on something as lightweight as this, but here's the evidence.

*** Warning - these videos contain scenes of 80s hairstyles and fashions that some viewers may find disturbing ***

Morrissey on Pop Quiz before he became 'a serious musician' (ie too stuck up and self important to appear on a show like this)

Lots more clips on YouTube, funny seeing so many pop people looking so young!!

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