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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Car show

I'd seen an advert in my local supermarket for a car show today, so decided to go along. It was organised by Clydeside Cruisers and was in Lochwinnoch, the next village to where I live. It's only about 5 miles (8 km) away, and as there is a cyclepath (built on an old railway), I had planned on cycling. However, I decided to walk it as this meant that I had the option of a 'cross country' route home.
The walk there was very pleasant, it was a bright day with only a few minutes of rain, and the cyclepath was particularly busy. I was passed by a group of tandems which appeared to be taking visually impared riders out on the back for a ride.
Once at Lochwinnoch I went for a wander round the show. It was fairly small, but there was a good selection of cars.

Old Ford Anglia - if you look carefully, that's a BMW engine in there!

A slightly cut down old Vauxhall

A Bonneville - but not as we know it.

Work in progress!

Love that leopard skin roof!

My favourite.

There were a few bikes there, but the only one worth mentioning was this Harley trike.

While I was at the show it started raining very heavily causing people to scatter and look for shelter. Luckily I had brought my 'walking waterproofs', so I stayed dry. As the rain didn't look like stopping for a while, I abandoned my plan to talk a 'cross country route' home and headed back along the cycle path. The rain never really stopped all the way back, and there were huddles of cyclists sheltering under all the bridges. 15 minutes after I got in the rain stopped and the sun came out! Typical.