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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride 2013

I'd mentioned The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride in a post last year, and had hinted about doing something this year. The DRG is a world wide event where motorcyclists meet up wearing smart suits, and go for a ride. This year's event is planned for Sunday, September 29th, and I've been contacted by the Scotland Cafe Racer group on Facebook about arranging something in Central Scotland.
So, anyone interested? Should be a bit of a laugh and an excuse not to take ourselves too seriously. I'm not personally in favour of going for a run (but don't let that stop anyone who is), rather having a meet up somewhere for a coffee and a chat. Let's be honest, what's the chances of meeting in Central Scotland at the end of September and it not raining!
Let me know if you fancy it so we can work out whether or not it would be viable.

Scooters are welcome too!!


  1. Do they make a dress suit in gortex..?

  2. Unfortunately not, so we'll all have to wear our raincoats and spats!