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Thursday, 15 August 2013

CL 350 update

Thought I'd write an update of some work I've done on the CL 350.
I haven't really done that much since the last post, just cleaning things and giving them a coat of paint. I always have the problem of when I'm working I have the money but not the time, and when I'm unemployed (like now), I have the time but no money!
The outer cases of the engine look a lot better now.



I cleaned the cases with degreaser then removed any corrosion and marks with a wire brush in an electric drill. I then smoothed the surface with wet and dry, gave  them a wipe with alcohol, then a couple of coats of Hammerite Smooth Silver.
They came up better than I thought they would, and certainly as good as they would have been when they left the Honda factory.
I've also stripped one fork and painted the lower.

I've ordered some fork seals (unlikely the existing ones will still seal after being unused for about 20 years), so when they arrive I'll paint the other fork and rebuild them.
Hopefully, I'll get enough for the tandem to allow me to buy steering head races, swing arm bushes, and brake shoes, bearings and tyres. This will allow me to build the bike up to a 'rolling chassis' and it'll take another step towards getting back on the road.
More soon!


  1. I notice your left lower fork leg appears to be a disc-brake leg with the mounts for a disc-brake caliper...which is what is currently on my SL-350. My bike has a front end from a CB-350 G disc-brake model. I'm hoping to put a set of new seals in my forks this weekend and finish up frame painting....and get a little closer to a rolling chassis as well. Your cases look real nice painted, I'll probably go the same route with my engine. Go 350's!

    1. Looking at pictures on the Web, it looks like Honda used the 'disc brake' fork leg on lots of CL and CB 350s fitted with drum brakes. I assume this came from another model (CB 350 F?), and Honda were using up their stock of drum brakes on the cheaper models.
      I'm really pleased with how well the cases came up - just shows what you can do with a rattle can and careful preparation!