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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Coupes Moto Légende 2013

Found a few videos of this year's Coupes Moto Légende, the event I went to last year. They're mostly in French but there are lots of nice pictures to look at!

Approximate translation:

Here is the official video, long version.

This year, 27 000 people have answered the call! This 21th edition was strongly marked by the 90th anniversary of BMW motorcycles. 1000 BMWs went on the track for an exceptional parade including Ninety BMW R 90 S.

Sébastien Lorentz, Marketing Manager BMW Motorrad France: "Les Coupes Moto Legende is a major event of the classic bike and bikes in general"

Wayne Gardner, world champion 1987 500 cm3: "Here is a bit of a mix of everything and this is what makes the truly spectacular and fun event.".

Christian Sarron, world champion 1984 250 cm3: "Motorcycling is a big family and there is no barrier between the people who use the bike on the road and those who use it on the track."

Bruno, known as "TAZ", founding president Moto club mates: "I do not come just to look, I just simply find my bubble of oxygen for the year."

Ben Walker, director of the department of motorcycle collection - Bonhams: "We are here because the Coupes Moto Legende is the event not to be missed in France"

 Found a television report.

And 'Taz', refered to above has also posted a video.

The Coupes Moto Légende is usually held in May or June each year at the Circuit Dijon-Prenois, more details on the website.

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