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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Nostalgia time

Found this website of photos of Glasgow in the 60s and 70s. I was born in Glasgow in 1958, and my family lived there until about 1966 when we moved 5 or so miles to Barrhead. By the mid 70s I was a teenager and travelled into Glasgow fairly regularly, so a lot of the photos bring back memories.
Glasgow was going through a 'transitional phase' as lots of the older buildings were being demolished and replaced by newer, but not necessarily better, new ones.

Pollokshaws in 1966. This wasn't far from when we lived and I remember the tower blocks being built. (Pollokshaws Hall with the clock tower at centre right of picture). At the time people thought these were good and 'the future', but as they've been demolished in the last few years things didn't work out as planned!

Shawlands Cross in 1970.We lived just round the corner from this, so I know it well. (mr combo lived near here). Where is all the traffic!!

Football is very important in Glasgow and international matches at Hampden Park still draw a reasonable crowd. However, this photo of a Scotland - Northern Ireland match in 1979 shows things were much less popular at one time.

I was never really that interested in football and I think the only time I was in one of the big grounds in Glasgow was in 1976 when I went to Celtic Park for a concert by The Who, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Little Feat, and others. I remember when I walking into the stadium I thought it was huge, but this photo from 1981 show how small the stadium was then (much bigger now).

For those of you who know Glasgow (mr combo, Stuart, Mo, etc), I bet you recognise lots of places!

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