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Saturday, 29 August 2015

Friday bike

On Friday I was working in and around Inverness, and on the way up saw signs advertising the 'Thunder in the Glens' rally.

This is a big Harley Davidson rally held each year in the town of Aviemore.
On the way back, I must have seen at least 200 HDs heading to the rally on the road between Aviemore and Perth, and a report on BBC News website put expected figure at 5,000.
Had a look at the programme and it seems to be a very well organised affair, and with 5,000 people needing to eat, drink, sleep somewhere, buy petrol, souvenirs etc, a major boost to the local economy. Unfortunately, they had typical Scottish summer weather – 10 minutes brilliant sunshine, 10 minutes heavy rain – repeat all day!

One Harley Davidson I didn't see on the road was this week's Friday bike:
Harley Davidson Topper

The Topper is the only scooter HD ever built, and was available between 1960 and 1965. It was powered by a 164cc two stroke single with a 'pull cord' start like a lawnmower.
One with bodywork removed showing engine.

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