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Friday, 7 August 2015

Motorcycle ergonomics

Ever looked at a bike and wondered if the riding position would suit you? Well, there now a website that can help. Motorcycle Ergonomics is a site where you can select a bike from a list, input your height and inside leg measurement, and it'll draw a figure of your size on the bike with the option of a 'feet up' or 'feet down' view. It also gives you the lean and leg angles, as well as options to see what it would be like with higher, lower and pulled back bars and footrests, and raised or lowered saddle.
The database doesn't have a Skorpion (yet), but here's why I won't be keeping my Yamaha SZR 660 once it's rebuilt.
Don't think my poor old back and wrists would like that for very long!
It's good fun to play around with, and to find bikes that you could never own!
However, look how relaxed an Indian Scout would be:

1 comment:

  1. I always enjoy playing on this site and "trying on" different bikes.

    Sometimes I forget it is out there, thanks for the reminder.